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The people have spoken.

The election results are mostly all in. Make no mistake, the results of the 2010 midterms are not, as Obama decried, because of partisan bickering. They are not from “poor messaging” or from the “typical” midterm losses.

They are a referendum on you, Pelosi, Reid, and your collective agenda. They are a referendum on one of the most corrupt 1st 2 years of presidency in recent history. They are a referendum on Obamacare. They are a referendum on out of control spending. They are a referendum on big government.

These are the same reasons the Tea Parties started. And if this movement really were AstroTurf, as soon-to-be-former Speaker Pelosi is quoted, why has it grown? AstroTurf does’t grow. It’s not AstroTurf. Your policies, Mrs. Pelosi, are AstroTurf. You rely on the state-run media, aka the AP, the major/dieing newspapers, and the network news, to propagate your platforms of amnesty, government-run healthcare, and cap and trade even tho a vast majority of Americans oppose all 3.  That’s as AstroTurf as it gets.


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Gov Perry gets it

Texas Gov. Rick Perry on why states do education better than the federal government.

(Also the Department of Education is Unconstitutional )

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